Guidelines for the Mastercard Brand Mark and Debit Mastercard Mark


Mastercard Brand Mark

Used to market Mastercard products and programs such as cardholder statements, card program advertising, and sponsorship material. It is also used to signify acceptance in digital point-of-sale (POS) interactions such as apps and merchant websites. Available in horizontal and vertical configurations.

Brand Mark
for websites,
apps, and print

Image of the standard Mastercard logos

Debit Mastercard Mark for websites and apps

Used to signify acceptance of Debit Mastercard in digital point-of-sale (POS) interactions on websites and apps. It should not be used on cards or printed decal stickers.

for websites
and apps

Image of the Debit Mastercard for websites logo

Mastercard decal sticker

Printed decal stickers are used by merchants to signify Mastercard acceptance (such as on doors, windows, card terminals, and ATMs).

Debit Mastercard decal sticker

An optional printed decal sticker for use by Europe merchants in Debit Mastercard countries as well as U.S. and Canada merchants who wish to underscore their acceptance of Debit Mastercard.


Images of the standard Mastercard and Debit Mastercard decal stickers

Color versions and specifications

Mastercard Brand Mark

Available in full-color, grayscale, and solid versions, for both positive and reverse treatments. Full-color is required on card fronts and on screen, and is preferred in print and on card backs. When technical limitations prohibit the use of full-color (except on cards), use the grayscale or solid version. The solid version may appear in black, white, or any single color as long as there is sufficient contrast between the background color and the Mark. These color specifications apply to both the horizontal and vertical configurations.

The trademark symbol (™) next to the yellow circle should be reproduced in Mastercard Yellow in RGB and PANTONE. In CMYK the trademark symbol (™) should be black for the positive Mark or white for the reverse Mark. The registered trademark symbol (®) to the right of the word “mastercard” should be black for the positive Mark or white for the reverse Mark.

Debit Mastercard Mark

Available in full-color only.

Decal stickers

The Mastercard and Debit Mastercard decal stickers must be reproduced in full-color only. The trademark symbol (™) next to the yellow circle should be reproduced in Mastercard Yellow in RGB and PANTONE. In CMYK the trademark symbol (™) should be white. The registered trademark symbol (®) to the right of the word “mastercard” should be white.

*The color values shown here have not been evaluated by Pantone, Inc. for accuracy and may not match the PANTONE Color Standard. Consult correct PANTONE Color Publications for accurate color. PANTONE ® is the property of Pantone, Inc.

Brand Mark

Image of the Mastercard logo color specifications

Brand Mark

Image of the Mastercard logo grayscale specifications

Brand Mark

Image of the Mastercard logo solid specifications


Image of the Mastercard decal sticker color specifications

Minimum sizes and clear space

To ensure the greatest legibility of the marks, follow the minimum size and clear space specifications (size may depend on screen/print resolution).

In digital applications when the Brand Mark is less than 48 points wide, the “mastercard” logotype may be removed from beneath the circles design.

Note: The and / or ® trademark symbols (or their local law equivalents) must be used. They should remain at the relative size provided in the authorized artwork files and be scaled proportionally with the Mark even though their legibility may be compromised when the Mark is at very small sizes or reproduced in certain media. The symbols should not be enlarged independently to increase legibility

Clear space

Image of clear space specifications

Minimum size
for websites
and apps

Image of minimum size specifications for website use

Minimum size
for print

Image of minimum size specifications for print use

Using with other marks

The Mastercard® marks and decal stickers must be displayed at size, color, and frequency with all comparable product marks, with Mastercard preferably in the first position.


Note: All point of interaction (POI) locations that accept Mastercard must display the Marks at parity with all other acceptance marks/symbols/logos also displayed (with the exception of Mastercard POI locations in the U.S., where a specific regional Standard that permits otherwise exists. Refer to Mastercard Rules, Rule 5.11.1 “Discrimination” of Chapter 16, “Additional U.S. Region and U.S. Territory Rules”).

Mastercard family of brands
When more than one Mastercard brand is accepted, display the Marks horizontally or vertically in the approved sequence:
  1. Mastercard
  2. Debit Mastercard
  3. Maestro®
  4. Cirrus®
Spacing between marks

The space between marks should be equal but not less than the minimum clear space.

Size parity with
other marks

Image of the Mastercard logo displayed at parity with comparable product marks correctly and incorrectly

Using the Mastercard name in text


When referencing the Mastercard® name in text, use an uppercase “M” and lowercase “c” with no space between “Master” and “card”. The name should not appear with a capital “C”. When referencing Debit Mastercard in text, use an uppercase “D”. The Mastercard name should appear in the same font as the surrounding text.

Registered trademark symbol (®)

In the first or most prominent text use of Mastercard on a page or screen (after use, if any, in a headline), the ® symbol is required. In subsequent use on that page or screen, the ® symbol may be omitted.


The Mastercard Brand Mark may be used as a read-through in a headline, but may not be used as a read-through in the body of a communication. When used in text, it should be set in the same typeface as the surrounding text.

Trademark attribution notice

When the Mastercard name in text and/or Mark is used, the following trademark attribution notice (in a very small type size) should be included once in the communication: “Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.”

Note: On digital communications and small-size marketing communications, the above trademark attribution notice is not required.


The Mastercard name must appear in English only. The Mastercard name must not be translated into other languages nor appear in another alphabet except for specific authorized versions in Chinese (translation), Georgian (transliteration), and Arabic (transliteration).


In communications that promote more than one payment brand, the Mastercard name and/or Mark must be presented with prominence and frequency equal to that of all other payment brand names and/or marks.

Image examples of the Mastercard name used in text

Card artwork

Artwork for producing cards

There are specific artwork and guidelines for cards. Refer to the Card Design Standards at for more information.

Depicting cards in print communications

If displaying a single card, the entire card face must appear. If displaying multiple cards, the entire Brand Mark must be visible on at least one of the cards shown. Mastercard cards must be depicted at size, color, and frequency parity with all other cards depicted in the same communication.

Depicting cards in digital applications

If using a card in a digital application, special rules apply. Get info here.

Image of the Mastercard cards in marketing communications

Use at physical merchant locations

On entry into a merchant location

At physical merchant locations, the preferred way to communicate acceptance is to display the appropriate mark(s) on a main entry door or on a nearby window. If these locations are not available, the marks must be displayed so they are seen easily from the outside.

At the point of interaction

It is also important to display the mark at the point of interaction (POI) to encourage card use. Examples of POI branding include: cash register, terminal display, digital display, tent cards, card presenters, etc.

Note: For merchant decal stickers, the primary source is the financial institution that processes the merchant’s transactions. However, for convenience, merchants may download artwork to create custom signage or order limited quantities from Mastercard.

Image of decal stickers in use at physical merchant locations

Use in digital payments

Digital payment interfaces

For more information, contact us.

Images of the Mastercard logo used in digital payments

Use on ATMs

General requirements

All ATM locations must display the appropriate marks for the brands which are accepted. Marks must appear on or near the main entrance of all financial institutions participating in the Mastercard® ATM Network.

Marks always must be clearly visible on or near the cash machine and must not appear only on the ATM screen.

Marks must be displayed horizontally or vertically following the approved sequence: Mastercard, Maestro®, Cirrus®, along with any other brand(s).

On all ATM acceptance decals and signs, the marks must be displayed at equal size, frequency, and color parity with all other acceptance marks.

Images of the Mastercard logo used at ATMs

Common mistakes

Consistent presentation of Mastercard’s marks benefits issuers, acquirers, and merchants, by promoting consumer recognition and card use that builds business. Do not alter approved artwork in any way. Always apply the Mark thoughtfully, carefully, and appropriately. Avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Do not omit the orange center shape
  2. Do not recolor the circles
  3. Do not outline the circles
  4. Do not recolor the Logotype
  5. Do not display or reproduce at insufficient resolution
  6. Do not reconfigure or reposition elements of the Mark
  7. Do not individually resize components of the Mark
  8. Do not create a grayscale decal sticker
  9. Do not recolor the decal sticker background
  10. Do not position the Logotype within the circles
  11. Do not position or add an identifier within the circles
  12. Do not alter, add, or combine other text to the Logotype

Images of common mistakes made when applying the Mastercard logo

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