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Requirements are available to ensure proper branding of contactless cards, devices, mobile applications, and acceptance terminals.

View Mastercard Branding Requirements for use in contactless payments

Mastercard Co-branding Templates

Templates and requirements are available to ensure proper co-branding with issuers and other third parties. Contact your Mastercard representative to see if your partnership qualifies for use of these co-branding templates.

Mastercard QR

Mastercard® QR requirements must be followed to ensure proper branding of QR in communications, devices, mobile applications, and acceptance terminals.

ID network

The ID network is a multi-party, decentralized digital identity network that fosters trust between parties, enabling convenient, secure, and smart identity verification.

Mastercard Identity Check

The Mastercard® Identity Check Identifier must be used by participating members and merchants of the Mastercard Identity Check program. Use is intended to signify participation in the program and thus must be displayed on websites. It may also be used in print and internet marketing collateral.

NOTE: The Mastercard Brand Mark is no longer used within the Mastercard Identity Check mark. It has been transitioned to the Mastercard Symbol (without the word “mastercard”). Mastercard no longer issues previous versions of the ID Check logo. New participants must begin leveraging the Mastercard Identity Check mark which includes the Symbol immediately. Existing participants with older versions of the logo may continue to use it until compliance for the newest version is communicated. Mastercard Identity Check participants in need of a new logo must upgrade to the latest version, which can be downloaded at the link below.

Mastercard SecureCode

Mastercard no longer issues artwork for Mastercard® SecureCode. Customers are encouraged to transition to Mastercard Identity Check to take full advantage of the superior program benefits. Mastercard Identity Check is Mastercard’s new and improved payment authentication program based on the payment industry specification — EMV 3-D Secure. The Mastercard Identity Check mark leverages the Mastercard Symbol mark.

For questions, please contact Global Customer Services (GCS).

Mastercard SecureCode logo

Mastercard Installments Acceptance Mark

The Mastercard Installments Acceptance Mark is used by participating merchants and issuers of the program. The Mark is only available in the languages/regions as provided.

Mastercard ec Brand Mark

The ec Brand Mark is used by Mastercard, its issuers, acquirers, and co-brand partners to market and promote ec products and programs. When displayed, ec Mark must be placed between the Mastercard Mark and the Maestro Mark.


For Masterpass requirements and artwork, please contact ask.brand.manager@mastercard.com.

Masterpass Brand Mark

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